The Finance Industry Authorisation schemes (FinAut) is a national scheme, which aims to safeguard the finance industries authorisation and accreditation schemes. FinAut is currently operating AFR – The authorisation scheme for financial advisers, and GOS – The accreditation scheme for sellers and advisers in non life insurance.

Quality in Customer Advisory Services

The aim is to enhance the quality of advice given to customers. This is done through setting common standards of competence across companies to give customers confidence, ensure the quality of the advice given, and provide the basis for legitimacy and credibility.

Competence Documented

The individual's competence is measured with a test at a national level. To become an authorised advisor or accredited seller/advisor in one of the schemes you have to pass three different tests, which consist of solving an ethical dilemma in an online test, a written knowledge test, and an extensive practical assessment test. This gives the employees the same documented competence regardless of the company they are employed in, which provides professional security. This also makes it easier to build tailor-made expertise that can be implemented across companies.


FinAut is organized with a board and an advisory council for each of the schemes, and one transverse council for common rules, ethics and good advisory practice - the mainstay of all schemes.

The FinAut secretariat arranges all practical aspects related to the operations, coordinates the developing of curriculas, authorisation tests, candidate registers, and monitoring of candidates and companies that are affiliated. The Secretariat is organized as an association and is owned by Finance Norway and Norwegian Mutual Fund Association.