The scheme is owned by Finance Norway, and is operated by The Finance Industry's Authorisation schemes (FinAut). 

About the authorisation scheme

The authorisation scheme for non life insurance (previously GOS) is a nationwide non-governmental authorisation scheme that ensures the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills among sellers and advisers. The aim is to strengthen the quality of insurance sales and advisory services to ensure that consumers understand the product they are buying and make their decisions thereafter.

Customer care, trust, credibility and legitimacy

It is crucially important to customers that everyone who works with sales and advisory of non life insurance possess the appropriate knowledge, skills and ethical attitudes. National, industry-wide minimum standards and national testing, in a controlled environment, ensure that they live up to these standards and give the scheme legitimacy and credibility. This is necessary for the public’s confidence in the financial industry, and for the industry's reputation.

Who will be authorised?

Companies that are members of the scheme are obliged to ensure that sellers / advisers, that convey the total spectrum of non-life retail insurance, are authorised. The sellers/advisers closest leaders, with the professional follow-up responsibility, are also to be authorised. It is the companies' responsibility to ensure the candidates’ enrollment in the scheme.

To be authorised, candidates must pass a knowledge test covering five subject areas, an extensive practical assessment test, and a simulated online test where they have to restrain reflection on an ethical dilemma. Authorised candidates have to update their competences once a year within the FinAut Continuous Framework.

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